A Tour Reservation Software or Ferry & Bus Reservation Software or Passenger & Event Ticketing or a Destination Management System!

A fully scalable Multi-Tenant, Multi-Site, Reservations & Ticketing with Destination Management System that will consolidate and distribute a comprehensive range of tourism products!

ODIN Enterprise with RezervLinx and dynamic Voyager modules, is a fully integrated, reservation, ticketing and ecommerce transaction software suite that is configurable, multi-tenant, multi-site, multi-destination capable and can also be configured as a cloud-based community model.

RezervLinx is a robust, fast and scalable end-to-end web based reservation platform which delivers outstanding functionality for OTAs, tour operators and accommodation wholesalers to support & create single or multiple Reservations & Ticketing websites using a single shared administrative system.

Suitable for all companies requiring flexible Internet reservations, with passenger and event ticketing! It also includes, accommodation, rental and event ticketing systems.

IMS ODIN Enterprise brings you Transit Ferry & Bus Reservation Software, Tour Reservation Software, & Patron Online Ticketing Software – Plus so much more, either individually, mixed, or an all in one fully integrated reservation software solution!

The Multi Channel Customer Experience – One Stop Travelers Choice™

The ODIN Enterprise Voyager System delivers a reservation & ticketing travel platform designed for all sizes of tourism operators, travel resellers, destination vacation hubs and transport operators.

The next generation of internet based travel and tourism reservation and distribution systems!

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A Multi Tenant Distribution & Destination Management Platform Enabling Users to Easily, Efficiently, and Dynamically Deliver Product Across Multiple Distribution Outlets and Customer Touch Points.

Each module is powerful and feature rich and enables consumers, sales staff & travel agents to discover and book a diverse range of products!

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Feature Rich, Scalable, Adaptive, Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly, Reservation Software, With Widgets; Wizards Plus Social Touch Points for a Seamless Channel Experience!

Enables customization, social engagement and on-the-go access through a seamless internet experience via computers, tablets, kiosks and mobile devices!

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This powerful Reservation, Passenger & Event Ticketing software system, is our Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Destination Management System!

IMS ODIN Enterprise Voyager Reservation & Ticketing Software is modular, fully integrated, scalable and also allows licensed third party developers to design compatible applications.

Able to implement a multi destination, multi site, multi tenant Reservations and Ticketing business strategy with a reservation software that contains powerful pre-built customizable functionality!

A reservation and ticketing software, that delivers features, benefits and price performance, enabling it to outperform any other software of its type in the market place today!

Suitable for tour companies, ferry & bus operators, hotel, RV & campground reservations, online restaurants, rental agencies, travel & destination suppliers and e-distribution websites.

Take an in-depth look at how this modular system will revolutionize your business.

Let us know which system or combination of system modules and features you require and we will be happy to demo them for you!

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